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Folligen Therapy Shampoo Review

Let´s review the hair loss prevention shampoo known as Folligen Therapy Shampoo.

Folligen therapy shampoo

There is nothing wrong with being bald. In fact, some people prefer the look.

However, if you are one of the millions of American men and women dealing with the prospects of hair loss and thinning, then you might want to choice to say no to baldness.

While there are countless family recipes to prevent hair loss (my favorite being rubbing a raw onion in your hair) there has to be a better way.

The Basics of Folligen Therapy Shampoo

Folligen Therapy Shampoo’s primary function is to stop hair loss. In addition, it is designed to promote healthy hair growth. Along with being marketed as natural, effective, and safe, it touts a special formula created by a biochemist by the name of Dr. Loren Pickart.

Considered a mild shampoo, it contains copper-peptides that helps to protect and strengthen the hair. At around $22 a bottle, Folligen Therapy Shampoo is priced competitively with other similar shampoos on the market.

Reviews for Folligen Therapy Shampoo

Hair Growth:

The majority of reviews have reported noticeable hair growth after using Folligen Therapy Shampoo. While hair growth does not take place immediately, results are normally seen within 2 months if frequently used.

It should be noted that many people used this shampoo in conjunction with other hair growth treatments including Rogaine. Reviewers highly suggested using Folligen Therapy Shampoo with the conditioner as well.

Hair Thinning/Loss Prevention:

Those who used Folligen Therapy Shampoo for both hair growth and loss prevention noticed a slowing of the rate in which they lost hair. Just with hair growth, it took several months for the effects to become noticeable.

Overall Impression: 4.5 Out of 5

Folligen Therapy Shampoo is relatively new when compared to older and more established hair loss prevention shampoos. That being said, it is quickly getting a name for itself through a range of positive results.

If you are thinking of a hair loss prevention shampoo, then strongly consider this shampoo. While it may not work for everyone due to our individual and unique physiology, there is a better then average chance that it will help you towards hair growth and loss prevention.

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