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Jojoba Oil Shampoo – 8 Key Benefits Of Using It

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Jojoba oil shampoo – and anything containing jojoba, actually – is all the rage in the beauty world.

Modern beauty experts heap praises on it, dubbing it the ‘new best thing.’ But what is Jojoba?

What benefits can you expect to receive through Jojoba shampoo? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this plant and it’s extraordinary benefits.

What is Jojoba?

Jojoba is a woody perennial plant which grows primarily in desert climates throughout the Americas and Asia. It is a plant that goes by many different names, which are dependent on the region.

A few names include:

  • Goat nut
  • deer nut
  • pignut
  • wild hazel
  • coffee berry
  • gray box bush

The term ‘coffee berry’ is in reference to the seeds of the Jojoba plant, which look very much like large coffee beans.

Jojoba shampoo benefits.

Although the plant grows year round, it is slow to mature, and each individual plant can take up to three full years to begin flower growth.

When listed in shampoo, along with other health and beauty products, you will often see the ingredient as ‘jojoba oil’ or ‘jojoba wax.’ This essential oil, or pure waxy substance is extracted from the matured seeds of the plant itself.

The term jojoba can be used to reference the plant or the extract interchangeably.

Why Jojoba Oil Shampoo Works

There are two scientific reasons behind the many uses of jojoba. The primary reason is it’s unique scientific compound. The extract from the jojoba plant has a scientific compound formula incredibly similar to that of human skin, thus making it particularly compatible with human use. It is the only plant found in nature to date with this incredible similarity.

The second reason jojoba is so incredibly useful is that it contains high amounts of things human skin and hair need. In addition to an abundance of essential fatty acids, it also contains high amounts of vitamin B, vitamin E, chromium, copper, and zinc.

Historical Uses

Although Jojoba oil shampoo and other jojoba beauty products seem to be one of the latest trends, it isn’t actually all that new. In fact, Native American’s historically made great use of this plant, particularly in desert-dwelling tribes throughout North and South America.

These Native Americans discovered that the plant’s seeds would become soft when heated, and would create salves from it. These salves were used to treat and smooth the skin from dryness, irritation, and burns. It was also used to heal the scalp, and condition hair.

In addition, they would also use it to help ease the pain of childbirth, soften animal hides, and stave away hunger during long hunting expeditions.

8 Key Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Hair

Although there are many uses of jojoba, today we will look at one of the most common, widely used modern products, jojoba shampoo, and the key benefits you can expect through daily use.


Jojoba shampoo is an emollient. This means that it naturally soothes an irritated scalp, which restores it to it’s most natural, healthiest condition.


This essential shampoo also stimulates new hair cell growth by unclogging hair follicles. Hair loss and thinning hair are often the result of clogged follicles. Daily use of a shampoo containing jojoba can help you create a thicker head of full, beautiful hair, allowing you to feel your most confident.


Jojoba has anti-sebum qualities. This means it will help get rid of excess oils on your scalp, which can cause hair to appear greasy, lank, and limp.


Jojoba shampoo’s high nutrient content restores your hair to it’s natural texture and health.


It reverses everyday damage from things like UV rays, irritants, heat damage, styling product damage, and pollutants. Your hair will be shiny and lustrous once again, adding a healthy dose of confidence to your everyday look.


It has anti-bacterial properties, which can help get rid of dandruff, and scalp infections.


The deep-cleansing properties of jojoba shampoo will give you the cleanest feeling hair and scalp you’ve had in a long while.


Jojoba is naturally non-irritating, non-greasy, colorless, and odorless. This makes it appropriate for individuals with sensitive skin or low tolerances to fragrances.

Quick Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Jojoba Oil Shampoo

  • Wash hair every other day. Recent studies have shown that even the most non-irritating shampoos have the potential of stripping your hair’s natural oils. Modern beauty experts suggest skipping a day between every wash.
  • Pair your shampoo with a jojoba conditioner, which maximizes the benefits you receive from the essential oil through extended contact. Even if you have naturally oily hair, you should be conditioning every time you wash.
  • Get the best jojoba shampoo. Do your research and shop around before deciding on which shampoo to purchase. The best shampoos will be free of parabens and contain actual jojoba oil – not a chemical substitute.

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