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Best Lavender Shampoo – All You Must Know

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Lavender shampoo is a greatly under appreciated option when it comes to hair care.

Both men and women overlook the benefit of this type of shampoo.

Lavender shampoo information.

While lavender shampoo has a world of nutritional benefits, it is incredibly relaxing and soothing as well.

Finding Lavender Shampoo

Lavender shampoo can do wonders for your life and your hair. Many people may think that it is an expensive product and that it is hard to come by, but this isn’t so.

Lavender shampoo can be found at your local health foods store and often times in you favorite salon.

If you can’t locate your favorite brand of lavender shampoo, you may want to purchase lavender oil to add to your favorite brand of shampoo.

As an essential oil, lavender oil is often used to heal wounds, treat cuts, burns and to help prevent infection.

Additionally, both of these oils are used as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial treatment.

Lavender is certainly one of the more popular essential oils if not the most popular. Lavender oil is widely used in soaps, shower gels, cosmetic products, moisturizers and shampoos among others. Lavender shampoo has a plethora of benefits that we shall explore herein.

7 Benefits Of Lavender Shampoos


Lavender is first and foremost used specifically for its beautiful scent and to make hair longer. Lavender oil and shampoo both promote hair growth by increasing circulation in the scalp.


Using Lavender shampoo will help treat dandruff, itchy scalps and more. The antiviral and antibacterial properties in this shampoo helps to kill the bacteria on the scalp and on the skin.


Another great benefit of this shampoo is its power of cleansing. This shampoo is known as one of the best clarifying shampoos. Women and men with especially greasy hair can use this shampoo every so often to give their hair a deep cleaning.


Lavender shampoo is mild and it doesn’t cause any abrasion on the skin. Some essential oils have nutrients that can help the scalp and hair but they do cause some abrasion. Using too much coconut oil will make your hair heavy.

Using oils that are dense and have greater viscosity will block the skin pores and hence be unhealthy for the scalp. Thick and sticky oils often cause a different kind of abrasion. While harsh chemicals will peel off the tiny healthy skin cells from the scalp, the abrasion caused by oils will have a rather dulling and sweaty effect.

Some of these oils aid bacterial growth when the sweat is unable to escape the surface of the scalp owing to the blockage by the oil.

Lavender shampoo has no such problems because lavender oil is light but nutritious enough without any abrasive effect.


Lavender shampoo is good for everyone, even for those who have some kind of inflammation on their scalp. There can be irritation, itchiness due to dandruff, some skin inflammations or perhaps a dry scalp causing unnecessary discomfort. Lavender oil will not only cleanse the scalp and hair but will also be soothing and shall reduce the discomforts associated with inflammations.


It has a few therapeutic effects. It is not intoxicating or addictive in any way. Lavender oil tends to sooth the skin, increase blood circulation to the scalp when you massage gently and it has an amazing smell that will refresh you. Lavender oil can counter stress, physical exhaustion and fatigue.

Lavender has known to be a facilitator of sleep. You would not only be calmer after using lavender shampoo but you would also have better sleep at night.


This shampoo is effective against dandruff. It can heal damaged skin in the scalp. It can nourish hair and help it grow stronger and fuller. Lavender shampoo does away with additional moisturizing requisite of your hair and scalp since it will provide the essential nourishment.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

While lavender shampoo is great for the hair, you may want to try your hand at using lavender oil for your body as well. Lucky for you, many of the same benefits of lavender shampoo apply to lavender oil as well.

Compared to other essential oils, distilled lavender is probably one of the safest to use. Lavender oil is historically known for its symbolism of purity and cleanliness. The smell of lavender alone can ward away certain bugs and keep your body and home smelling fresh.

Additionally, using lavender oil for medicinal purposes is a great benefit of this essential oil. As well as being used as an antiseptic, this oil helps relieve the body of flatulence and gas. These health benefits are only available through the use of pure natural Lavender essential oil.

Those “Lavender scented” products that you can find in the local stores are not the same thing as real Lavender products.

Be sure not to purchase synthetic lavender when searching for your perfect synthetic oils. Many people that are starting their first lavender oil journey make the mistake of purchasing anything that says “lavender oil”.

Synthetic oils will be lacking in fragrance and will also not be as healthy for you. True lavender oil will give you the best health benefits.

Best Lavender Shampoo Brands

1. Wen Lavender Shampoo

Some of the best lavender shampoo brands on the market today include the Wen shampoo. This shampoo is rich with moisture and is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their hair growth.

You will love this shampoo if you have dehydrated, dry or damaged hair. Women and men with flat hair also love the Wen shampoo as it is great for creating volume and body. Additionally, if you have colored hair and are looking for a natural rich shine, give Wen Lavender shampoo a try.

2. Lavender Mint Shampoo

What’s better than lavender shampoo? A shampoo infused with mint! Add the incredible smell of lavender shampoo with the tingling sensation of mint to get you in a refreshed mood every time you wash your hair. The mint and lavender together will cleanse and stimulate your scalp as well as strengthen your hair follicles.

3. Tea Tree Lavender and Mint Moisturizing Conditioner and Shampoo

This two in one conditioner and shampoo is a great way to cleanse the hair and provide moisture and conditioning for the scalp as well. The tea tree oil will help control the itch of your scalp while the lavender acts to soothe and strengthen your strands.

Risks Of Using Lavender Shampoo

Those with sensitive skin should be very careful when using this shampoo. These kinds of products can easily irritate sensitive skin and can lead to unsightly side effects like rashes, blisters, spotting of the skin and more. Similarly, individuals suffering from eczema will only worsen their issues with these products.

If you are using lavender oil directly, be very careful and do so sparingly. This particular oil is known to cause severe diarrhea, stomachache, vomiting, blood cell abnormalities, confusion, coma as well as drowsiness.

Today’s your day to add some spice to your daily hair regimen. Get some lavender shampoo or lavender essential oil and see what it can do for you.

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