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Paraben Free Shampoo – 4 Important Facts To Know

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Paraben free shampoo has become really popular. Paraben are preservatives used to prevent fungus and bacteria growth in shampoos.

paraben free shampoo information.

Also for shampoos to have longer shelf life and the ingredients to mix well, parabens are added into them.

There are various kinds of parabens used and they include;

  • ethylparaben
  • isobutylparaben
  • butylparaben
  • propylparaben
  • methylparaben

For several years now they have been used as preservatives however with recent discovery, their safety is under question.

4 Important Facts about Parabens

They have been discovered to cause scalp irritation and are also harsh to hair. It is said that they are more toxic than previously thought, they can cause allergies and some skin conditions. With all this doubt being cast about their safety, people are being advised to switch to paraben free shampoos.

#1. Estrogen Link

Paraben shampoos have been linked to various problems that were initially not realized.

Paraben chemical family are processed by estrogen and as a result they are considered to be xeonestrogen. Due to this, these shampoos disrupt estrogen hormone in the body. And we all know that estrogen disruption has been linked to breast cancer.

Perhaps to point out the seriousness, a study conducted in the UK found out that parabens were present in a breast cancer tumor!

Also the link between breast cancer and paraben has been taken seriously as shown by campaigns to limit the amount of paraben in beauty products underway worldwide.

#2. Skin Rashes and Other Irritations

Paraben shampoos have been discovered to cause skin rashes and other irritations after use. It has been well documented that they indeed irritate the skin. People with sensitive skins should stay clear of paraben shampoos and instead opt for paraben free ones.

Also if you experiencing unexplained hair loss, parabens could be the culprit as any chemical reaction causes hair loss. Paraben is linked to skin conditions such as rosacea and dermatitis. It also cause allergies in small children.

#3. Early Onset of Puberty

It has been said that parabens trigger early puberty since they are xenoestrogen.

Several studies that have been conducted in regard to early puberty in children have affirmed that parabens might be among the triggers after prolonged exposure.

#4. Bad Hair

Parabens causes the skull to dry and hair to become brittle because they tear up the hair cuticle. This means that instead of the shampoo making your hair shine it makes it dry and weak and as a result you end up having a bad hair day if you do not switch to a paraben free shampoo!

So, What Are the Benefits of Using Paraben Free Shampoo?

#1. Reduces the Chances of One Developing Skin Inflammation or Irritation

People with sensitive scalps have probably experienced irritations or inflammation because of certain hair care products. The chemicals in these products causes the scalp to itch and sore making it unbearable to manage the hair.

No one wants to have an irritated scalp that is why using a paraben free shampoo is important.

#2. Increased Moisture Retention in the Hair

Naturally, hair harbors natural oils and other kinds of moisture like those brought in by water and hair products. However, when one uses paraben shampoo, one’s hair loses the ability to hold in moisture over time.

Paraben free shampoos on the other hand gently cleans the hair and you won’t have to worry about those bad hair days or extremely dry hair!

#3. Retains and Improves the Natural Oils in the Hair

Hair follicles produce lots of natural oils to keep the hair healthy and moisturized. However, the oil stripping property of paraben often rids this natural oils out of the hair causing the hair to become dry, brittle and unmanageable.

Paraben free shampoos gently cleans the hair without interfering with its natural oil. And since they don’t strip the hair its natural oils, you won’t need be worried about excessively dry hair or an itchy scalp!

#4. Maintains Hair Color in Dyed Hair

At some point we have all noticed that our hair dye begins to fade whenever we use certain kinds of shampoo. This is probably so because we use paraben shampoos and this is what paraben does to hair pigment as well. Paraben strips pigmentation and even oil from your hair.

The good thing about paraben free shampoo is that they wash your hair gently without stripping its temporary or natural pigmentation! You will not only enjoy clean and shiny hair but your dye will stay for longer and your hair will maintain its pigmentation.

#5. Protects the Scalp against Harmful Chemicals

Do you know that research has shown that parabens could eventually end up in the liver? When this happen, they are likely to mimic estrogen which potentially causes hormonal disruption in the body!

Also, even though not yet proven and still under extensive study paraben also might contain 1.4-dioxane, a chemical that is regarded as a carcinogen. So, for those still not cautious about paraben shampoos, this is some information to think about!

In overall, even though using paraben shampoos is not a bad thing, it might not be the best idea for your scalp and hair. It is better to use a safe product and not regret.

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