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Best Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo – Top 17 Products Available

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Here is what you should know about sulfate free baby shampoo.

sulfate free baby shampoo information.

It is now well known that cosmetic or beauty products contain sulfates and parabens.

In other words, the various products we use for our personal grooming and hygiene contain chemicals.

Sulfates are used in shampoos, deodorants, lipsticks, lotions, scrubs and even in toothpastes.

This has been the practice for more than sixty years now.

While not many baby products contain sulfate, you must pick a sulfate free baby shampoo.

Baby shampoos have traditionally contained sulfates and still do. Those that don’t contain sulfates and other parabens will be sold with the label of ‘sulfate free baby shampoo’ and ‘paraben free’ tags.

Why Choose A Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo?

Let us explore why you should get sulfate free baby shampoo instead of a regular shampoo.

  • There are studies that prove the harmful effects of sulfate and parabens. The latter has been found to mimic the effect of estrogen in cells and this kind of activity has been related to a few types of breast cancer. Sulfates lead to a breakdown of proteins in the cells and this can be very degenerative for the membranes. Sulfates also have a tendency to leave residues in lungs, heart and brain.
  • Parabens have not been proven to be a cause of cancer. If you properly rinse off sulfates from your skin and use a product that has less than 50% concentration of sulfates, you are safe. But most people want to prevent rather than think of a cure. It is wiser and much safer to just use sulfate free baby shampoo instead of checking the concentration and then being conscious all the time to rinse more and thoroughly.
  • The biggest problem with sulfates is that they are not good for the hair. Sulfates lead to drying of hair, they cause irritation in the scalp, the color of your baby’s hair may fade and even babies can have hair loss if the concentration of sulfate is worrying.

Sulfates have a tendency to cleanse the hair completely and that also rids the hair of the essential oils generated naturally. The hair is thus rendered dry, rough or coarse and may even feel brittle.

Sulfate free baby shampoo may or may not have this problem. It is necessary to not isolate sulfate as the only culprit.

If you are opting for sulfate free baby shampoo and that has some other chemical which will have a similar effect as that of sulfate, then your baby wouldn’t really benefit from the change.

You must ensure that your baby shampoo doesn’t contain parabens or any ingredient that will lead to hair loss, dry hair or itchy scalp.

How to stay away from Sulfates and Parabens?

There are companies that would clearly label their products as sulfate free baby shampoo, because it is a marketing win-win. However, companies that use sulfates and parabens in their shampoo will not mention the same.

You would have to look at the label and study the ingredients to know if the product indeed contains sulfate and parabens or not.

It is not that difficult to know. You can check the label and it will mention sulfates almost at the top of the list of ingredients. Parabens are not really spelled out as such on the label.

You should look for the likes of butylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben and alkyl parahydroxy benzoates.

The Bestselling Sulfate Free Baby Shampoo

#1. Puracy – Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

This is a shampoo that is hypoallergenic, free of gluten, vegan and has citrus essential oils. It is a bestseller on Amazon. The shampoo contains natural preservatives and has been developed by doctors.

The sulfate free baby shampoo is suited for all skin types and is suitable for kids who have eczema, sensitive skin or cradle cap. The pH balanced formula and vegetable based moisturizers nourishes the skin, retains the softness and yet it does the cleansing job.

#2. Paradise Island – Sweet Baby Shampoo

This is a high quality sulfate free baby shampoo. It doesn’t contain any parabens, dyes or phthalates and is completely natural. It is a vegan shampoo without any toxins and only plant based ingredients. But it doesn’t contain tea tree oil or lavender oil which can cause endocrine disruption.

#3. CeraVe – Baby Wash and Shampoo

CeraVe is a bestselling baby shampoo. It is tear free, it repairs the skin on the scalp, there are vitamins attending to moisturizing and the shampoo is gentle, hypoallergenic and without any artificial or unnatural fragrance.

#4. Johnson’s – Natural Baby Shampoo

This is a very popular baby shampoo. It is mild and hence gentle on the skin. It doesn’t contain any parabens or dyes and essential oils which could be irritating for the scalp. The shampoo has been tested for allergies and has been found to be safe. You can weigh your options and choose the best baby shampoo for your child.

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