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Sulphate Free Shampoo UK – Top 7 Products Available

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Here are the best sulphate free shampoos and hair conditioners available in the UK plus some interesting facts about the products.

Sulphate Free Shampoo List UK

#1. Watermans – Hair Growth Shampoo And Hair Conditioner

Watermans sulphate free shampoo is made in the UK. It is a clinically proven anti-hair loss shampoo that improves natural hair growth while slows down the rate of hair loss.

Watermans hair loss shampoo and conditioner. Sulphate free shampoo UK.

This shampoo helps strengthen the hair follicles and improves scalp condition and circulation.

Watermans shampoo and conditioner is an Amazon best seller and the winner of the UK Hair Magazine Hair Awards in 2018.


#2. NYK1 – Salt And Sulphate Free Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

This salt and sulphate free shampoo & conditioner from NYK1 helps keep your hair colour strong and vibrant for much longer.

Nyk1 Salt and sulphate free shampoo plus conditioner

This product is perfect for all hair types, including colour treated hair. The shampoo and conditioner effectively cleanses without stripping the hair from natural oils. It leaves your hair frizz free, shiny and smooth.


#3. Pureology – Hydrate Shampoo And Condition

Pureology is a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner set that gently hydrates dry and chemically processed hair without stripping the hair colour.

Pureology shampoo and condition

This product is made with a concentrated formula that replaces the vital moisture needed and helps keep your hair colour vibrant and fresh. Made with 100% vegan ingredients. It leaves your hair beautiful, manageable and healthy.


#4. Art Naturals – Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Volumizing Shampoo

Art Naturals is a high quality, volumizing sulphate free shampoo. This shampoo is made with a restorative formula for all hair types. This shampoo is recommended for damaged hair and dry scalp.

Art Naturals Argan oil shampoo

Art Naturals contains argan oil, aloe vera and echinacea. It also contains almond, peach and avocado oils that hydrates the hair, tames split ends and frizz. For added hydration, it is recommended to follow with the Art Naturals Argan Oil Conditioner.


#5. Luseta – Coconut Milk Shampoo And Conditioner

Luseta coconut milk shampoo and conditioner is made with organic ingredients. This shampoo is made with a moisturizing and nourishing formula which makes it perfect for dry to normal hair.

Luseta coconut milk shampoo and conditioner

It nourishes and moisturizes weak and damaged hair, leaves your hair soft, radiant and healthy. Free from sulphates, parabens, phosphate, colours and other harmful chemicals. This is a cruelty free product, it is not tested on animals.


#6. Boudica – Clarifying Sulphate Free Shampoo

Boudica clarifying shampoo is made with natural and vegan ingredients. It works for all hair types, ideal for cleansing greasy, oily hair.

Boudica sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

Also perfect for cleansing hair exposed to pool water. Boudica is gentle on all hair types, including Keratin straightened and coloured hair. It contains organic lemon extract, avocado and grapeseed oils. Boudica leaves your hair feeling healthy and vibrant.


#7. MoroccanOil – Moisture Repair Shampoo And Conditioner

MoroccanOil is a shampoo made with high quality ingredients, perfect for weakened and damaged hair.

Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner

It is a colour-safe shampoo free from harsh chemicals such as sulphate, phosphate and paraben.

More High Quality Sulphate Free Shampoos:

12 Facts About Sulphate Free Shampoos:

  • 1. “Sulphate free” simply means that the product does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).
  • 2. Both SLS and SLES are cheap chemicals that are used is traditional shampoos, hygiene and cleaning products. Sulphate is used as a preservative and it makes bubbles in the shampoo.
  • 3. Sulphates are chemicals designed to remove oil and grease. This is why products containing these chemicals can cause dry hair and dry scalp.
  • 4. Sulphates can cause health problems even though they are not known to have any carcinogenic properties.

  • 5. Scalp irritation, allergy and eczema are potential health problems associated with sulphates.
  • 6. Some people are highly allergic to sulphates while others do not experience any health problems at all.
  • 7. For those suffering from a strong sulphate allergy or sensitive skin, switching to a sulphate free product is recommended.
  • 8. People who have switched to a SLS free alternative say that the hair dryness is gone and that their hair now feels softer.
  • 9. Compared to using a traditional shampoo, a natural shampoo does not create a lot of bubbles if any.
  • 10. When choosing a sulphate free product, check the list of ingredients and see if you can find glycerin and glucosides. These are natural, safe ingredients that are taken from sustainable resources.
  • 11. Sulphate free products are also a lot better for the health and the environment. These products are chemical free, often made from organic ingredients. There are also many 100% vegan shampoos available. Natural shampoos do not leave a big carbon footprint.
  • 12. Sulphate free shampoos, hair conditioners and other natural hair care products are often more expensive than traditional products. This is simply because high quality ingredients are more expensive and it costs more money to manufacture natural products.

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