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Best Paraben Free Shampoos

What are the best paraben free shampoos? There are many great paraben-free alternatives available on the market today. Read this article to learn all about this chemical. Discover how to find the best natural shampoo for your hair type.

=> Here is a list of the best paraben-free shampoos available today! <=

Leaded gasoline was all the rage, this is less than 50 years go. Lead in fuel helps produce more efficient fuel, making it easier to move and use.

This leaded gasoline was used by millions of American cars, regardless of many warnings about the dangers.

It took almost 20 years before any action was taken to stop using lead in fuel. Thousands of Americans got sick and even died thanks to lead exposure.

We have a system in use in the United States that prevents harmful products from being mass produced. Harmful metals and chemicals can still cause health problems if they find their way past regulation.

A Common Ingredient Used In Hair Care And Beauty Products

This is one reason why many people are concerned about Paraben. An ingredient within many shampoos, conditions, and beauty supplies, Paraben is now being questioned because of theoretical links between it and a number of health problems in men and women.

This is one reason why there are so many paraben-free shampoos on the market. These products sell very well because people are afraid of using regular products that may contain this chemical.

Paraben-free hair care products are also more expensive than regular ones, because they are made with high-quality ingredients such as essential oils and herbs.

Best paraben free shampoos. What is paraben and how to find the best hair care products.
Finding the best paraben free shampoos for your hair type is relatively easy, there are many great products available online and offline.

Let´s examine this chemical a bit closer and explain what it really is. We will also take a look at some of the best Paraben-free shampoos currently available online and offline.

What Are Parabens And Why Are They In Hair Care Products?

Paraben is a cheap chemical that is used as a preservative in hygiene products such as shampoos, conditioners and makeup. This ingredient is added because it prolongs the shelf life of the product and holds the mixture together.

Another reason why Paraben is often used in personal hygiene products is that it prevents bacteria, fungus and pests from growing in the products.

Paraben has a useful role in hair care products and it is a cheap chemical. This is why it is used so much.

The Anti-Paraben Movement

Most people come in contact with Parabens through shampoos and hair conditioners. There is also something called “Paraben allergy” and “Paraben hypersensitivity”. As a result, there are now many high quality shampoos on the market that do not contain Paraben, Sulfates or any other chemicals.

Why Are People Afraid of Parabens?

Estrogen shares a similar chemical formula to Paraben. Theorically, it could replace estrogen in the body. When chemicals has done this in the past, it has lead to several serious health issues, including cancer.

Parabens are known to have a minor Estrogenic effect, which has raised the fear that is could cause several health damages.

Also, Paraben has two OH side groups in its chemical formula. An OH group is also known as an Alcohol, and having two of these is often seen in things that mimic estrogen in the human body.

While the design of Paraben is similar to other things that hurt the human body, not all chemicals with OH pairs are harmful. In fact, the chemical composition of some parts of wood have the same OH pairing in them, and they are not harmful to people at all.

We do not know yet how much of a risk Parabens can have to our health, this is the biggest problem. There is not enough research made. This means that we cannot be 100% sure if this chemical is harmful or if it is safe to use.

Paraben can be harmful for one person and perfectly safe for someone else. People are different. Nothing will be known for sure until proper research has been done. Only then we will know how much of a tolerance our bodies have for this chemical.

Is Paraben Dangerous?

It can be dangerous for our health and the environment, but there has not been enough research yet.

For people who are afraid of using products that contain Paraben, there are many high quality shampoos, hair conditioners, body washes, face washes and soaps available. These products are made with natural ingredients.

Finding The Best Paraben Free Shampoos

As I mentioned earlier in the article, there are lots of high quality shampoos and hair conditioners on the market that are free from paraben. These products are becoming more popular although they are a little more expensive than traditional products.

=> Here is a list of the best paraben-free shampoos and conditioners! <=

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